Friday, July 03, 2009

TAG 100m

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time :
9:04am - 3 July 2009

Name :
Suraya - sue

Shoe size :


Where do you live :
Cheras, KL

Have you ever been on a plane :

Swam in the ocean :
Tak reti,rendam kaki je reti

Fallen asleep at school :
Kat sekolah tak penah,kat IPT penah..kahhhh

Broken someone’s heart :
Ermm...ada kot..kahhh

Fell off your chair :
Tak ingat la

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :
Jarang,sms je..jimatt..hahaha

Saved e-mails :

What is your room like :
Macam kapal pecah tapi boleh selam lagi

What’s right beside you:
My work table

What is the last thing you ate :
Makan nasi goreng

Ever had…Chicken pox :
Pernah .. masa kecik..x ingat umur berapa

Sore throat :
2bulan lepas

Stitches :
Kat betis..kena ekzos motor

Broken nose :

Do you Believe in love at first sight :

Like picnics :

The last person you danced with :
Dengan alya malam tadi

Last made you smile :
Alya mengada-ngada pagi ni

You last yelled at :
Haihh..alya le,abis baju dia selerakkan

Today did you…Talk to someone you like :
Dengan mber kapet

Kissed anyone :
Wajib dipagi hari

Get sick :
Syukur alhamdulillah..sihat

Talk to an ex :
Tak kosa OK!

Miss someone :
Mesti la..orang tersayang

Who do you really hate:
ermm...ada la.

Do you like your hand-writing :

Are your toe nails painted :
Inai je

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in :
Katil Sendiri la

What color shirt are you wearing now :
Pakai baju kurung sekarang ni

Are you a friendly person :

Do you have any pets :

Do you sleep with the TV on :
Tak pernah

What are you doing right now :
Jawab TAG 100m ni

Can you handle the truth :
Ermm..susah jugak,takot org tak boleh terima kebenaran

Are you closer to your mother or father :

Do you eat healthy :
Semua healty food apa

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex :
Dah bakar

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to :
Ermm..luahkan kat somi le.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time :
Orang cakap aku garang mesra alam punya

Are you confident :
Boleh la..hehehe

5 of my bad habits :
Tak kosa nak share..hahahaha

5 people tag :
Aku rasa semua orang dah jawab kot. Sapa yang belum buat,sila la buat OK


sis_nita said...

cam tak confident jerr ko jawab yang are you confident tu kanss..


FaizAmYAirieL said...

mmg 100 meter ko jawab..bedesupp..ekekee